Wednesday, September 12, 2018

It's a Blue Bear! Paintings by Sam Hung Featured in Henoch Gallery Group Show 9/13 - 10/6

Henoch Gallery in Chelsea
Opening reception: September 13, 6-8pm
Show runs through October 6th

The group show also includes the following artists: 
Olga Antonova, Daniel E. Greene, Robert C. Jackson, Elizabeth McGhee, Janet Rickus, Steve Smulka, Eric Wert, and Will Wilson.

Secrets of the Trade:
Sam had to buy a 5lb bag of blue gummy bears online that cost $40. Neither Haribo or Black Forest make the blue ones.

Sam is a core program instructor and teaches annual still life and painting value workshops.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Alla Prima: On Location at the Chateau de la Napoule

Painting Sunrise, Diana Buitrago

GCA, in partnership with La Napoule Art Foundation, awards an annual residency to two artists to live and paint at the Chateau de la Napoule, a 14th Century castle that was once the home of American ex-patriots Marie and Henry Clews who spent 17 years restoring the medieval castle. The landmarked castle houses the Clews collection and hosts international programs in the arts.

Here are a few summer painted sketches and pictures of the plein air painter's life to share with as we head into September! These sketches were painted by 2018 winners Diana Buitrago and Denise Antaya during their 2-week residency on the French Riviera this August.

The residency awards a $2,500 stipend towards flight and art supply costs. Also included is lodging, breakfast and travel to and from the Nice Airport.

It's never too early to plan!
Applications will be available on the GCA website on January 2, 2019.
Application deadline: April 9.

Diana painting sunrise

Interior WIP in Henry Clews studio at the Chateau by Diana 

Painting Sunrise, Diana

Work-in-progress by Denise

Work-in-progress by Denise
Denise sunrise painting

Diana at the chateau in a chapeau

Friday, May 25, 2018

Extended to June 8th! The Unbroken Line: Old and New Masters Exhibition

May 10th Opening Reception at Robert Simon Fine Art

The Unbroken Line: Old and New Masters exhibition has been extended through June 8th! Don't miss this unique show featuring old master works alongside contemporary paintings and drawings by GCA instructors: Jacob Collins, Colleen Barry, Anthony Baus and Will St. John. Select works by a few recent GCA graduates Savannah Tate Cuff, Rachel Li, Mackenzie Swenson and Dale Zinkowski. Curated by Robert Simon, Colleen Barry and Anthony Baus.

Robert Simon Fine Art
4th Floor
22 East 80th Street, NY, NY

EXTENDED through June 8
Hours: Monday - Friday, 11am-5pm

Closed for the Memorial Day Weekend.

View the exhibition CATALOG 
The works are grouped on the page similar to the ways they are displayed on the wall.

Read more in Fine Art Connoisseur and in Epoch Times online article by Milene Fernandez. 
Join a lively instagram discussion about the article and the exhibition!

More photos from the May 10th opening reception below!

Photo credits: Milene Fernandez/The Epoch Times

Colleen Barry (R)
(L to R) By Dale Zinkowski, Jacob Collins and Vittore Carpaccio

Robert Simon

Jacob Collins, Ann Brashares & son!

Anthony Baus

Keith Christiansen

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Unbroken Line: Old and New Masters - Opens May 10, 2018 at Robert Simon Fine Art

Robert Simon Fine Art and Grand Central Atelier present an exhibition of contemporary paintings and drawings alongside Old Master works, revealing the unbroken line into the 21st Century.

May 11 through June 1, 2018
Hours: Monday - Friday, 11am - 5pm

Opening Reception: May 10, 6pm - 9pm

Robert Simon Fine Art, 22 East 80th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10075

(clockwise): Simon Vouet (Paris 1590 - 1649) Portrait of a Young Man, Oil on canvas, 16 3/4 x13 5/8 inches; Anthony Baus, Self-Portrait, 2017, Ink and wash on hand toned paper, 11 x 15 inches; Colleen Barry, Black Hat, 2018, Oil on wood, 12 x 12 inches, Donato Creti (Cremona 1671 - Bologna 1749) Study of a Young Man, Black chalk with white heightening on light brown paper, 16 1/2 x 12 inches

Featuring work by GCA instructors: Colleen Barry, Anthony Baus, Jacob Collins, Edward Minoff, Will St. John, Justin Wood

and by recent GCA graduates: Savannah Tate Cuff, Rachel Li and Dale Zinkowski

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Summer Workshop 2018 Guide

Tony Curanaj, Fire Engine Chronicle, oil on canvas, 32 x 43 inches, 2017
We are holding over 25 workshops to choose from in our NYC studios this summer. Whether you travel from near or far, we tried to arrange workshops to complement each other. Below are the discounts for taking multiple, consecutive workshops, as well as suggested pairings.

Read the full list and register for workshops.

Special Discounts
For every 5-day consecutive workshop you take, save $50 off each workshop.
Workshops that are less than 5-days, save $25 off.
A 10-day workshop has the savings already built in.

There's a max of one discount/$50 off each workshop unless it's the Boot Camp Bonus. If taking a 3, 4 or 5-day workshop with a 3 or 4-day, save $25 off each of these workshops.

Boot Camp Package Bonuses
  • Drawing Boot Camp: Take all 4 weeks (4 workshops) Save an extra $100 off the total. Scholarship application. Due February 15th.
  • Painting Boot Camp: Take all 6 weeks (4 workshops) Save an extra $150 off the total. Scholarship application. Due February 15th.
  • Teen Boot Camp: Take all 3 weeks (3 workshops) Save an extra $75 off the total. Scholarship application. Due February 15th.

Some Suggested Pairings

Landscape Painting in July
Paint outdoors with Tom Kegler in NYC and Ken Salaz in Tarrytown, NY. These workshops are offered back to back so it's easy if you fly in from out of town!
Traditional Landscape Painting with Thomas Kegler
Essential Landscape Painting from Technique to Poetic Expression with Ken Salaz

Drawing Boot Camp in July
Recommended for beginners or artists with more experience looking to hone their skills. If you are new to drawing and/or GCA, this is a good place to start. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend you start with Week 1: Cast Drawing.
Cast Drawing with Justin Wood
Portrait Drawing with Katie Engberg
Figure Drawing with Savannah Cuff
Studio Figure Drawing with Anthony Baus

Painting Boot Camp in July & August
Recommended for beginners or artists with more experience to looking to hone their skills. It is highly recommended that artists have studied drawing with us already before taking Boot Camp. We also highly recommend beginners take both Weeks 1 & 2: Value & Light & Color before taking Portrait and/or Figure.
Value with Sam Hung
Light & Color with Devin Cecil-Wishing
Portrait Drawing & Painting with Gregory Mortenson
Figure Drawing & Painting with Jon Brogie & Jessica Artman

Boot Camp for Teens
While teens are welcome in any of our workshops, we do offer 3 weeks in our NYC studios that are for high school students only (approx. ages 14-18). These are recommended for beginners or artists with more experience looking to hone their skills.
Portrait Drawing with Liz Beard
Figure Drawing with Kevin Müller Cisneros
Still Life Painting with Rodrigo Mateo

Architectural Intensive in June
Architectural Ink Wash with Anthony Baus
Architectural Painting with Anthony Baus

Still Life Intensive in June
We're offering five different consecutive Still Life workshops throughout the month of June. 
Still Life Painting with Tony Curanaj
Trompe L'Oeil Still Life Painting with Justin Wood
Spanish Still Life Painting with John Morra
Alla Prima Still Life Painting with Dale Zinkowski
Painting Peonies with Katie Whipple

Portrait Intensive in July
First draw a portrait, then paint a portrait in monochrome, followed by painting a portrait in color. Three different projects in 13 days.
Portrait Drawing Boot Camp with Katie Engberg
The Monochrome Portrait with Dale Zinkowski & Kevin Müller Cisneros
Painting the Portrait in a Costume with Katie Engberg

Portrait Intensive in August
Portrait Drawing & Painting with Gregory Mortenson
The Zorn Palette with Patrick Byrnes
Drawing the Portrait in Three Colors with Will St. John
Portrait Ecorche with Charlie Mostow

Figure Drawing Intensive in August
Short & Long Pose Figure with Jon deMartin
Figure Drawing & Painting with Jon Brogie & Jessica Artman
Structure with Colleen Barry

Recommended for Experienced Draftsmen
Structure with Colleen Barry
Drawing the Portrait in Three Colors with Will St. John

Alla Prima Workshops
Note: These are not consecutive and therefore do not have paired discounts.
June Portrait Sketch with Jacob Collins and Ted Minoff
June Alla Prima Still Life with Dale Zinkoswki
August Alla Prima Floral Sketch with Patrick Byrnes

Long Weekend Workshops
Note: These are not consecutive and therefore do not have paired discounts.

June Alla Prima Still Life with Dale Zinkoswki
July The Monochrome Portrait with Dale Zinkowski & Kevin Müller Cisneros

Read the full list of workshops, their descriptions and register. Happy choosing!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Winter Drawing Boot Camp 2018

Every January and July we offer a Drawing Boot Camp that introduces artists to the classical training methodology at GCA. Artists with experience are also welcomed in Boot Camp to focus on sharpening fundamental skills. We're happy to report that starting this year we will be increasing the number of awards and providing two scholarships each session for a 50% reduction in tuition.

Read about our 2017 scholarship recipients' experiences below.
Alex Ford drawing the portrait
"All of the instructors that I worked with at GCA were not only operating at the highest level within their own work, but were also incredibly adept as teachers. It's one thing to be able to show someone how well you do something, it is completely another to help someone to be able to do it themselves. That's what GCA is best at. There is no mystery, no confusion just a concise and logical method of approach that was tailored by the instructors to meet my individual needs."
Figure detail by Alex Ford
"The other aspect of my time at the Boot Camp that stands out in my mind is the overwhelming sense of community at GCA. All of the instructors, staff and students made me feel completely at home throughout my stay. They treated me as I were one of their own, always making sure to include me in any events, lectures and parties. I made some truly valuable friendships while there and can't wait to go back for another visit.  The GCA Boot Camp inarguably and drastically improved the quality of my work. The Boot Camp was one of the most fun, challenging and rewarding experiences I have ever had."
     -Alex Ford of Minneapolis, 2017 Winter Boot Camp Scholarship Winner
Cast Drawing by César
Artists have the opportunity to continue working on their casts after class for a few more hours each day.
"The first week was about cast drawing, an essential part of all training in classical drawing. I was excited to start my first cast drawing ever. I had the chance to do a cast of an eye, which I thought was a great way to begin with a symbolic item of path and direction...The second week we had the portrait workshop, an excellent week where I could ask for intensive direction, since this was an important subject for me. I felt comfortable as well as challenged, all those little nuances, and particularities of the human face to be translated by a correct use of technique and representation."
Studio figure drawing by César
"The third week was really fun, drawing the figure is exquisite. A great opportunity to polish what I learnt the previous weeks, plus I got to demand of myself to grow in every line and every value or form rendering to achieve not only a better likeness, but a better understanding of the figure and beauty of it. The fourth and last week of the Boot Camp was nonetheless one of the best experiences I've had...I could work with a complex scenario, it was about composition and figure but also about perspective and performance. How to represent that much, in the few hours we had at our hands, but without diminishing the quality? So every line, and movement must count, I thought to myself."
     -César Meza Anguiano of Mexico, 2017 Summer Drawing Boot Camp Scholarship Winner

The Scholarship application and Registration is now open!

Winter Drawing Boot Camp 2018
January 8 - February 2, 2018

Mondays - Fridays - 9am - 4pm

(Note: Week 2 is Tuesday - Saturday in honor of MLK Day)
Week 1: Cast with Devin Cecil-Wishing
Week 2: Portrait with Katie Engberg
Week 3: Figure with Brendan Johnston
Week 4: Studio Figure with Anthony Baus
with Special Events each week!

View the full course descriptions and register online.

2 Scholarships are available for 50% off the total studio fee for taking the full Boot Camp.
Deadline to apply for the Winter Scholarship: November 1st at 12pm
Notification by November 10th

View & Submit the Scholarship application.

Additional Winter 2018 Workshops will be announced by October 4th.

Summer 2018 Workshops & Summer Drawing Boot Camp Scholarship Application will be announced in early December. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Todd M. Casey

The painting below titled “Limoncello” was painted and donated to the Portrait Society of America for their annual Mystery Art Sale. Each year they ask a list of artists to donate a small 6 x 9 painting that gets auctioned off with the proceeds benefitting their student scholarship fund.
I paint using both the direct and indirect methods. For this painting, I chose to paint indirectly. Therefore, I set up a drawing to work out the composition and size and then scan the drawing into the computer and scale it to the correct size. The drawing is printed to scale and transferred to panel/canvas with the oil paint transfer method (similar to carbon paper method or Saral).

When setting up my panel, I knew that I would have a very warm painting with a lot of yellow and green, so I chose to also have a warm undertone under the painting. This allows me to be looser with the paint so that the warm undertones can poke through areas of opaque paint over the top. You can complement the color to balance it as well (I often do a neutral grey #5 toned panel) but I wanted to try warm with warm. This was toned with burnt sienna.
After the drawing is transferred, I normally set up my value range by putting in the darkest dark (background) and the lightest light (napkin). This helps me complete the painting in the middle of those 2 poles and I can judge all values based off of these 2 markers. Also, a high chroma object will stand out more against a black background so I often set up my paintings to have this 1-2 punch. It focuses on the object and really makes it pop.

Next I begin by rendering a high chroma object to set up my chromatic hierarchy. I knew that the liquid in the mini carafe is lower chroma than the lemon so now I have room to gauge this off of. Sometimes I do a quick grisaille to set up the value range but I’m often too excited so I just go for it.

I started with lemonade as the liquid in the container because I try to use props that are more economical. But I ended up buying a bottle of Limoncello as the liquid didn’t look believable enough. 
From here I put in some color notes on each object to show the value/hue and chroma based off of what I set up already. After this, its smooth sailing as the painting is pretty much set up and just needs to be put all together. At the end I work on edges and make sure the color is compositionally balanced and if not, I’ll tip things slightly.

Todd completed his classical training at both the Water Street Atelier and Grand Central Academy in 2010. He's returning to teach the upcoming 3-day workshop: The Still Life Sketch at GCA October 10 - 12. Visit our website to read more and register.  Visit his website to view more of his work.