Friday, January 29, 2010

Student Work January 2010

Mason Sullivan teaching ecorche class

working hard in the cast hall

Copying Bargue drawings

Patricia Stratton finishing up her sculpture

Mark Porter

Mark's sculpture

Sam Worley is copying the Belvedere Torso

Stephanie Young's sculpture

the figure sculpture class casting their sculptures in plaster

Devin Cecil-Wishing's cast drawing in progress

by Lauren Sansaricq

by Carla Crawford (detail)

by Carla Crawford

by Robert Silverman

by Justin Wood

by Neal Esplin

by Connie Netherton

by Ashley Howell

by Emilie Lee

by Anonymous

by Ken Salaz

anatomy study by Ken Salaz (goes with the above figure drawing)

cuddle break


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Anonymous said...

what's with the dog!!!! does it own the blog!!!!

Jade E. Henderson said...

inspiring work, would love to be there!