Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Portrait Sketch Competition Kicks Off!

And so it begins... the competitors are at their easels, the model on his stand, and the timer ticking. The fast-paced nature of the quick sketch, coupled with the competitive factor of the event, could make the room a stressful space -- fortunately, we have a group of wise-cracking artists from around the US that keep the energy high. 

The first brushstrokes of the day
Competitor Pseudonyms
The Artiste
Gilby Vanderbeer
The Crimson Chin
The Mahler
The Amazing Paint Pusher
The Abstract Dunderhead

The lovely Santiago as our morning model

Look out for today's portraits, which will be posted late this evening on our Facebook page. The competitors will be labelled by their pseudonyms, and their identities revealed Thursday night. 

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