Friday, October 25, 2013

Studio Visit

Recently a few students and I had the opportunity to visit the studio of Joshua LaRock, Michael Klein, and Brandon Beckstrom. We were in for a real treat. Rodrigo and I came over to see Michael's paintings  before they were to be shipped out for a show to SR Brennen Galleries while Jessica and Charlie came to see some of Joshua's recent finished portrait commissions before they will be shipped out overseas. Being there felt a little like what the public must have experienced at one of those Salon de Paris exhibitions during the 19th century, just one gorgeous painting after the other, one on top of the next. What a group of talented and skilled artists. I have to admit, we all left feeling very inspired that day.

Rodrigo Mateo, Michael Klein, Brandon Beckstrom, Charlie Mostow, Jessica Artman, Leeanna Chipana, Joshua LaRock, and Tom LaRock

Floral painting by Michael Klein

"Beauty Veiled" by Michael Klein

"Studio table with Flower and Glasses" by Michael Klein

Always the consummate entertainer Brandon doesn't miss a chance to make the group laugh. Here he poses playfully with the studio skeleton. Talented and funny? Ladies watch out!

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