Friday, May 2, 2014

From GCA to Ireland

Last August, the luck of the Irish, was with workshop participant Julie Douglas as she attended our TNT portrait painting workshop with Ted Minoff and Travis Schlaht. She was so inspired by her experience she couldn't help but bring a little bit of GCA back with her to Ireland. (And Julie's returning again to study at GCA for another week this summer!)

Over the course of this past year, Julie has designed and implemented a new Drawing seminar and workshop series called 'Draw In' which is scheduled for this Summer at Belfast School of Art in Belfast, Ireland.

'Draw In' brings together a variety of fine artists, including architects, animators, illustrators, designers, botanic artists, sculptors and painters, who all define drawing as the core of their craft. The event consists of a 2-day weekend Symposium with panels, demonstrations, discussions and workshops. Leading up to and concluding the Symposium are two 5-day workshops in the classical tradition featuring our very own WSA graduate, Matt Weigle and GCA Instructor, Colleen Barry.

Julie hopes it is the first of many to come! And so do we!

Pictured: Travis Schlaht, Ted Minoff & Matt Weigle
in TNT Portrait Painting Workshop August 2013

Draw In: A Symposium to Celebrate the Value of Drawing Today: August 25 – September 5th, 2014

To learn more about 'Draw In' please visit:

Colleen is also teaching a workshop at GCA this summer: July 14 - 18: The Structure of the Human Body: A Drawing Workshop. To sign up: click here.

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