Friday, August 1, 2014

Michael Klein Wins the 2014 Still Life Painting Competition!

Warmest congratulations to Michael Klein who was awarded the top prize of $10,000 tonight! Justin Wood walked away with Second Place and $3,000, and Cesar Santos won Third Place and $2,000.

We'd also like to thank Rosemary and Co. Brushes for so kindly contributing brushes and gift certificates to three winners!

This has been a fun, fascinating week and we'd like to thank all the extremely talented artists who shared their time with us (48 hours over 6 days).

If you've missed the earlier posts describing this competition, click here for last Sunday's post.

Thank you to all our awesome volunteers for helping this event run smoothly: Anthony Baus, Kevin Muller, Patrick Byrnes, Liz Beard, Audrey Rodriguez, Mariana Hernandez-Rivera, Katie Engberg and Sam Worley.

Stay tuned for Monday's post featuring images of all ten final paintings. Check out Facebook for the full album. Have a great weekend, all!

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