Thursday, September 24, 2015

Palette and Paint: A Presentation from Michael Harding and New Wave Fine Art

"The artist palette is where it all begins. When you are mixing paint this is where your senses begin to collect information that is instantaneously interpreted by your brain, then relayed to the conscious as a color." - New Wave Fine Art Products  

Please come by GCA tomorrow, Friday, September 25th, for an exciting event! Join Michael Harding, founder of Michael Harding Artist Oil Colours, and New Wave Fine Art Products for an engaging Palette & Paint presentation. Expand your historical perspective and technical knowledge by learning how to use a palette more effectively in combination with meaningful information on oil paints, mediums, and varnishes. Additional "hands on" time will be allocated for all participants. Attendees will be entered to win a PRIZE PACKAGE!! Drawing will be held during demonstration. In eager anticipation for tomorrow's coming lecture, I asked Michael Harding a few questions to whet our palettes. 

KW: What makes Michael Harding paints Michael Harding paints? What do you do that other paint companies aren't offering? 
MH: It is not so much what I put in, it is what I leave out! This recipe allows for the intensity of colour and concentrate. You don't need a lot on your brush! Also, you don't need a medium to make my oil paints work for you!

KW: Your "Genuine Naples Yellow Light" is one of my very favorite colors on my palette, and I believe there is nothing else like it in the world! What is your favorite color in your arsenal, or the "customer favorite?" 
MH: Firstly, thank you for your comments regarding my Genuine Naples Yellow Light. Indeed it is a very beautiful color and opaque, historically it is a very interesting colour. Where it comes to my own personal choice of which colours I prefer, it usually depends on why I am working on at the time or researching. Currently, I have been engaged on a very long project regarding Vermilion. And before that, my very unique Stack Lead White which, you might remember, is made form suspending lead over vinegar under horse poop -- a method that can be traced back to the time before Christ. I also have new colours coming, all very hush-hush at the moment, that are very beautiful and I suspect will become customer favourites. Generally speaking, the colours artists rave about as their favourites are: Lapis Lazuli, Genuine Chinese Vermilion, Stack Lead White, Rose Madder, Genuine Naples Light and Dark, and Italian Green Umber to name a few. The list is very long! 

KW: How will the Michael Harding/New Wave combo improve my daily working habits as a painter?
MH: Both product identities have been created totally with the artist in mind. New Wave have totally reinvented the "wheel" with their extraordinarily well designed palettes. They took and existing principle and revisited what is normally seen as a very dull item in the artist tool kit and turned it into something which really helps the artist deliver paint in an easier, more comfortable fashion. Needless to say, the Michael Harding Oil range when used in conjunction with the New Wave products can only enhance the artists working experience. These products will remove much of the artists struggles, and the comfort of the palette and the filler free oil paints will allow every brush stroke to stay exactly where the artist lays it and the colour remaining vibrant. 

"Using a palette with a surface that is correct for your goals can help you achieve the desired value and effects much quicker and easier" - New Wave Fine Art Products

Friday, September 25th 
6:30 pm 
Grand Central Atelier 
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