Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Colleen Barry & the Academic Approach

Colleen Barry has a show coming up at The Academy Arts Council in Bryn Athyn, PA. The reception is from 2-5 PM on Sunday March 14. The purpose of the exhibition is to shed light on the classical education that she has received over the last four years at the Harlem Studio School of Art, Water Street Atelier and the Grand Central Academy. Colleen will be giving informal talks to the students about traditional painting and drawing techniques and how the classical tradition is thriving in the 21st century.
Colleen will be teaching the summer intensive workshop at GCA (May 31 - June 25) along with Jacob Collins, Will St. John, and Angela Cunningham.

Michelangelo Bust, 17"x24" oil on linen by Colleen Barry, 2009

Skull Studies, Charcoal, by Colleen Barry, 2009

Figure Study, Graphite, by Colleen Barry, 2009

The Academy Arts Council
2825 Benade Circle,
Bryn Athyn PA 19009

Gallery Hours: 8am-3 pm
Dates: March 14-May 2, 2010
by appointment: 215-749-2193


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how Colleen tints her paper. Is it with graphite particles and shellac or maybe ink? Thanks, and I understand if its a trade secret.

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