Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jacob Collins demo, day 8

Yesterday Jacob painted this ébauche working fast and turning the form with thinned paint. He describes this process as "a fast, thin version what you are about to do next"

In this photo you can see how thin the paint is at this stage.


Anonymous said...

How did Jacob get the white scumble to be dry enough so that the next day he could paint the ebauche over it? Is he using flake white? Thanks

Anonymous said...

What is Jacob using to thin his paint at this stage? Is he strictly adding OMS or Turpentine to pigment? Does he add a little Stand Oil into is thinned mixture?

Gregory Becker said...

I was reading Classical drawing by Juliette Aristides and found a similar drawing that he did a while back and it looks like the same model.
It's nice to see the whole process from conception to completion.
I cant tell you how much I appreciate this series and this blog.
Living in Michigan has proven difficult, if not impossible in finding the classical approach.
Blogs like this and some others are as close to an atelier I can get.
Thank you so much.

Emilie said...

He did the transfer and wipe-out over the weekend, let that dry, and on Monday (day 6) he added the white highlights. On day 7 he did the value study while the white paint dried and was ready to go with the ebauche on day 8.