Sunday, February 14, 2010

Special Tour of the Fred & Sherry Ross Collection

Last weekend a group of us had the wonderful opportunity to visit the home of Fred & Sherry Ross for a tour of their art collection. Every wall was crammed with unbelievable drawings and paintings and it was like visiting a museum of 19th century art. Fred & Sherry run the Art Renewal Center which is a great resource for artists pursuing academic training or just wanting to learn more about art history. We are sending out a big thanks to them for inviting us into their home and sharing their passion for art! I included a few of the paintings we got to see, but you can check out all of them and more at the ARC online museum.

Here we are.

Detail of a Bouguereau painting

Jeunes Bohemiennes by William Bouguereau

Portrait de Gabrielle Cot by William Bouguereau

Bouderie (Gustave Courtois in his studio) by Pascal Dagnan Bouveret


Anonymous said...

lucky bastards!

John said...

Do me favor???
Some where in your text indicate where this place is located for those of us that are from out of there wherever there is.??
I'm on the internet so I have no idea where this fine institution is. I found this happening a lot. Especially of people who are in their own world.LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm so interested in this collection as I am an admirer of Bouguereau. Can you please tell me where it is located and how it came to be that you got to see it? I'm in NJ!

Thank you!