Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Casting with Jiwoong Cheh

Last week students in Jiwoong Cheh's sculpture class learned how to make life casts of their own features. These plaster casts of hands, feet, knees, noses, and faces will be useful tools for studying the structure of the human figure. Students will use the casts to draw, paint, and sculpt from.

Patricia Stratton casting her foot

Cheh prepares Elisabeth Ehmann's face for casting by applying a layer of vaseline first

Elisabeth going under the plaster

air holes

Elisabeth with her face mask, next she will pour plaster in it to make the cast.

Justin Wood cast his whole head (Elisabeth only cast her face)

This process was a little more heavy-duty

Not good for people who have claustrophobia!

Removing the mask

Greg Mortenson cleans up a cast of his hands

Hands and Elisabeth's freshly cast face


Daniƫl said...

Very good!!! wouw...
Daniel Gustaaf

Timothy Callster said...

Ohh, looks fun. I wonder how easy it is to make self casts. Ill definitley look into it myself, looks cool.