Friday, March 19, 2010

New Workshop with Douglas Flynt

July 5 - 16: Figure Painting with Douglas Flynt.
The workshop will be an extensive look at the process of figure painting. The model will hold one pose for the duration of the workshop. Gesture, proportional relationships, shapes, and structure will be addressed in the drawing stage. While painting, students will examine how light on form affects perceptions of color in it's various components of hue, value, and chroma. Under-painting, color mixing, and palette layout will also be discussed. For even more details on what will be covered, read the full course description on the GCA workshops page.

by Douglas Flynt

by Douglas Flynt

by Douglas Flynt

by Douglas Flynt


Ariel said...

Is not moral that you put so great courses at the same time, I'm suffering with the election!


Well, congrats again.
It's seems that this gonna be a real cool summer.

B Roy said...

Douglas creates amazing work. This post makes me want to paint even more.

I agree with Ariel this will be an amazing summer at the GCA!