Monday, January 12, 2009

ARC scholarship awards

Water Street Atelier/Grand Central Academy students Joshua LaRock, Carol Broman, and Hyeseung Marriage-Song just cleaned up at the Art Renewal Center 2008 Scholarship awards. This year, the ARC gave away $21,ooo in scholarships to students who are studying at ARC approved Ateliers. Congratulations on your wins!!!

First Place: Joshua LaRock
Ann Marie (2008)
Oil on Linen
28x25 inches

Second Place: Carol Broman
Julie (2008)
Graphite on Paper
14x11 inches

Third Place: Hyeseung Marriage-Song
Grisaille of a Seated Female (2008)
Oil on Linen
24x20 inches


jonathan said...

congratulations you guys! keep up the good work. My name is jonathan, i am a painter. i am right now double majored in bfa and philosophy in nky in ky and after i am done here in about 2 yrs i hope i can come and train with you guys. i want to come this summer and do the workshop! congrats again!

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