Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 Hudson River Fellowship - Week Two

The week started with a Nature Hike to the mouth of the Great Gulf with expert area guide Peter Minich. Peter discussed the geology of the mountains as well as many different species of plants and mushrooms.
Mary Jane Ward painting of rocks and waterfall from the Great Gulf
Ken Salaz wrapped up his workshop here at Echo Lake. Fellows came to watch Ken's demo and stayed to paint alongside him.

Echo Lake by Sarah Bentley.
Echo Lake - Grant Perry
James Tucker
Ted joined us this week to teach his workshop group. Here he demos at Emerald Pool. The fellows tagged along to watch the demo and paint with Ted.
Emerald Pool, Leeanna Chipana
Woodland interior by Katie Liddiard

Glen Ellis falls became a popular spot for the fellows, Brian West
Glen Ellis Falls, Edward Minoff
Some fellows wander off to nearby fields like this one, Evanny Henningsen

Fellows met at Erik and Laurens house for impromptu gatherings throughout the week to discuss art and talk shop.

Tony Winters
Al Costanzo
At the end of the week fellows met at Erik and Laurens house to receive a crit by Ted Minoff and enjoy a burgers and hotdogs. S'mores anyone?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The 2015 Hudson River Fellowship Begins!

And the Fellowship begins once again! On Monday the Fellows kick off the week by gathering at Jackson Falls bright and early. Pictured: Luke Baggott, Mary Jane Ward and Addison Xu painting at Jackson Falls.
Jackson Falls, N.H.
Jackson Falls  - Emilie Lee
Jackson Falls - Brian West
Jackson Falls - James Tucker
Monday evening Fellows gathered at the home of Leslie and Warren Schomaker of the Jackson Museum and Historical Society for a meet and greet. Pictured: Erik Koeppel with artists Luke Baggott, Sarah Bentley, Tony Winters and Eleni Giannopoulou.

Fellows at house #1 quickly hit it off and begin a dinner rotation. Tonight's dinner, spaghetti and chicken provided by Al Costanzo and Leeanna Chipana. 
On Tuesday Lauren Sansaricq teaches her group of workshop artists at Crawford Notch.
While Lauren Sansaricq  teaches her workshop Erik took the fellows up Mt. Willard for a view well worth the 45 minute hike.
View from Mt. Willard - Luke Baggott
On Wednesday the Fellows were pleased by a surprise visit by artist and Sr. Fellow, Emilie Lee. Pictured: Mary Jane Ward, Leeanna Chipana, Emilie Lee painting on Cathedral Ledge.
Fellows also painted sunset paintings from their porch throughout the week - Eleni Giannopoulou
Emerald Pool - Al Costanzo
Sarah Bentley
Savannah Tate-Cuff
On Thursday Fellows painted from the base of Mt. Washington where a view of Mt. Adam and Mt. Madison can be seen. Pictured: Sarah Bentley, Savannah Tate Cuff, Erik Koeppel, Mary Jane Ward.
View from base of Mt. Washington, Mt. Adam - Mary Jane Ward
Rainy days means portrait painting. Pictured: Rob Kelly, Mary Jane Ward, Luke Baggott and Toby Neve.
On Saturday Fellows and workshop artists had an opportunity to view a very informative glazing demo by Tom Kegler.
On Sunday the week ended with the arrival of Ken Salaz and sunset painting at Leslie and Warrens house.

Sunset view from Leslie and Warrens house - Leeanna Chipana

Monday, July 20, 2015

Enter our 2015 Portrait Sketch Competition!

Dear Painters,
We are pleased to announce a second three-day portrait sketch competition running October 21-23! Applications are due September 1. The final sixty portraits will be displayed in a month-long exhibition in GCA's Eleventh Street Arts.  The Awards Party and Exhibition Opening is October 23, 7-9pm - Save the date!

2013 Competition Sketch By Cesar Santos
Ten finalists selected from online applications will paint six different portraits in three days at GCA in our LIC Studio. The participants will paint together in the same studio from the same model -- a live competition modeled on the concours of the 19th century. Two single-session, four-hour portraits will be painted each day, 9am-1pm, 2-6pm. The portraits will be judged as a group. First Place is $1,500 and Second Place is $500. Application fees are $25 to apply, $75 to participate.

Last time this competition was held in 2013, Judges Michael Klein and Colleen Barry awarded 1st place to Cesar Santos and 2nd Place to Joseph Todorovich. The judges created a 3rd place for Daniel Bilmes who walked away with a delicious bottle wine. Also competing were Matthew James Collins, Kerry Dunn, Danny Ferland, David Gray, Greg Mortenson, Rick Piloco and Matthew Tarini.

Ten guys painting two four-hour portraits a day mixed in with rapid fire brushstrokes and wisecracks made for high points and low points...

Ladies, please apply and join the fun! 
Click for more 2013 images!

Check out all sixty portraits on the daily Facebook postings!
Competition Day 1, 2013
Competition Day 2, 2013
Competition Day 3, 2013

To read more, visit our website!
To submit an online application now, click here!

Dates: October 21, 22 and 23
Application Deadline: September 1. Apply now!
Location: GCA Studio, 46-06 11th Street, Long Island City, Queens 11101
Public Events:
-Daily lunch-hour viewings, 1-2pm, October 21-23
-Awards Party/Exhibition Opening, October 23, 7-9pm.
Click here to RSVP to the party.
Any questions? Email: