Thursday, July 28, 2016

Katie Whipple Interviewed in Fine Art Connoisseur

Please enjoy this article in Fine Art Connoisseur featuring a conversation with GCA graduate and instructor, Katie Whipple. The article is entitled, "An Artist's Story you Have to Read"

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Now for some peonies....!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Group Show Opening in Chelsea - Tonight!

Drop in to Henoch Gallery's opening group show exhibition, Atelier, that features paintings by several GCA graduates and instructors Sam Hung, Justin Wood and Sally Fama Cochrane! Also included are works by Steve Cope and Adam Miller.

Opening Reception, July 14, 6-8pm

July 14 - July 30
Henoch Gallery
555 West 25th Street

Imposters #8 by Sam Hun, Oil on Panel, 10" x 18"

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Competition Awards Party Featured in Epoch Times

For party photos and for interviews with the judges and winners, enjoy this article by Milene Fernandez. Read on!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016 Drawing Competition Winners!

... An exciting end to an intense, inspiring week of live competitive drawing!

Judges Jacob Collins, Jordan Sokol and Katie Whipple announced the following winners tonight!

1st Place - Savannah Tate Cuff was awarded the $10,000 Grand Prize
Competing under the name Van Go!!

2nd Place - Patrick Byrnes was awarded $3,000
Competing under the name Annyong Bluth

3rd Place - Kevin Muller Cisneros was awarded $2,000
Competing under the name Pakin

Thank you to our dedicated monitors - Grant Perry and Sandra Sanchez! Photographers Charlie Mostow and Eric Kerke made our daily social media postings possible. Thanks to Sam Hung and Anthony Baus for hanging the show and also to Addison Xu for helping set up the event.

And Charles Mister on piano everyone....

Last but not least, thanks to the Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund for supporting these unique and wonderful live artistic competitions!

Attention still life painters - next July we are hosting a still life painting competition...stay tuned.

Day 5 by Annyong Bluth
PATRICK BYRNES - 2nd Place Winner

Day 5 by Chuck Dickens

Day 5 by Clementine

Day 5 by Dr. Who

Day 5 by Flighty

Day 5 by Lightning Larry

Day 5 by Mr. Orange

Day 5 by Pakin

Day 5 by Princess Peach

Day 5 by The Undertaker

Day 5 by Van Go!!
SAVANNAH TATE CUFF - 1st Place Winner

Competition Drawings After 32 Hours!

Today is the fifth and final day of this event! Reports are that all small talk has ceased.

Join us this evening from 7-9pm for the Awards Party! Artist names will be revealed and the three winners will be announced. Drop in to see the eleven final drawings and a small show of paintings
by GCA Summer Residents. The event will be held in GCA's Eleventh Street Arts.

For images from the previous three days and for details about this event, read the earlier posts.

GCA Studio/Eleventh Street Arts
46-06 11th Street
Long Island City, Queens

Scroll down to see images of the drawings at the end of yesterday, the fourth day:

Day 4 by Annyong Bluth

Day 4 by Chuck Dickens

Day 4 by Clementine

Day 4 by Dr. Who

Day 4 by Flighty

Day 4 by Lightning Larry

Day 4 by Mr. Orange

Day 4 by Pakin

Day 4 by Princess Peach

Day 4 The Undertaker

Day 4 by Van Go!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Competition Drawings After 24 Hours!

Finalists wrapped up a third day of live competitive draftsmanship yesterday! Sparkles in their eyes, they head into the penultimate 4th day. Join us tomorrow Wednesday evening, July, 6 7-9pm for the Awards Party! View the drawings in real life, enjoy live music and icy refreshments!

Read previous two posts for earlier drawings and for competition details.

GCA Studios
46-06 11th Street
Long Island City, Queens 11101
*One stop on the 7-train from Grand Central

SCROLL down for Day 3 drawings:

Day 3 by Annyong Bluth

Day 3 by Chuck Dickens

Day 3 by Clementine

Day 3 by Dr. Who

Day 3 by Flighty

Day 3 by Lightning Larry

Day 3 by Mr. Orange

Day 3 by Pakin

Day 3 by Princess Peach

Day 3 by The Undertaker

Day 3 by Van Go!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Competition Drawings After 16 Hours!

SCROLL to view the eleven drawings after the second day of a our live five day competition. For the Day One drawings and for a summary of the event, please visit yesterday's blog post!

Join us a the Awards Party this Wednesday, July 6, 7-9! RSVP.

Day 2 by Annyong Bluth

Day 2 by Chuck Dickens

Day 2 by Clementine

Day 2 by Dr. Who

Day 2 by Flighty

Day 2 by Lightening Larry

Day 2 by Mr. Orange

Day 2 by Pakin

Day 2 by Princess Peach

Day 2 by The Undertaker

Day 2 by Van Go!!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Competition Drawings! After Eight Hours

The live Figure Drawing Competition is underway!
The event runs July 2 - 6 with daily lunch hour viewings, 1-2pm.

Eleven artists are competing for 40 hours over five days, drawing from the same model. A panel of judges including Jacob Collins, Jordan Sokol and Katie Whipple will announce the winners at an Awards Party on Wednesday evening. The Grand Prize is $10,000. Second Place is awarded $3,000 and Third Place, $2,000.

Past winners include Darren Kingsley in 2010, and Joshua LaRock in 2013.

Drop by GCA on Wednesday night 7 - 9pm! The awards will be announced by 8pm. There will be refreshments and live music!

SCROLL to view the drawings after 8 hours, at the end of the first day. The drawings are identified by a pseudonym chosen by each artist. The real names will be revealed on Wednesday evening.

By Annyong Bluth

By Chuck Dickens

By Clementine 

By Dr. Who

By Flighty

By Lightning Larry

By Mr. Orange

By Pakin

Princess Peach

The Undertaker

Van Go!!