Thursday, July 31, 2014

Still Life Painting Competition: DAY 4! Awards Party Tomorrow 7-9pm!

Enjoy the Day 4 work-in-progress posted below! Join us for daily lunch-hour viewings 1-2pm and for the Awards Party this Friday 7-9pm. The judges will award a Grand Prize of $10,000 by 8pm! Second and Third Place Prizes are $3,000 and $2,000 respectively.

To read more about this 6-day,  48 hour live still life painting competition, including a list of artists competing and the names of the judges, check out Sunday's Post!

Check out our Still Life Competition Facebook Album to view the daily progress in one place.

Advance Notice...
Our 2015 competition is Figure Sculpture! Applications are due December 12. Click for details.

Day 4: Captain Vegetable

Day 4: Gopher Baroque

Day 4: Maneki Neko

Day 4: Painter of Lemons

Day 4: Sharp Beak

Day 4: The Ant

Day 4: The Art Spirit

Day 4: Too Loose Lautrec

Day 4: Wapanga

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Still Life Painting Competition: DAY 3!

The artists have passed the halfway mark and are diving into the fourth day of this 48 hour, 6-day live painting marathon! SCROLL down for images of yesterday's progress.

REMEMBER you are invited to drop by for daily lunch hour viewings this week 1-2pm! RSVP to the Awards Party and Final Viewing, this Friday, 7-9pm! To read more about this competition, go to Sunday's blog post.

ANNOUNCING a summer 2015 Figure Sculpting Competition! Sculptors will compete to sculpt a live model for 40 hours over five days. Alert your sculptor friends and colleagues! Ten finalists will be selected from online applications due December 12. Judges will award a Grand Prize of $10,000 and Second and Third Prizes of $3,000 and $2,000 respectively.  Click here for photos from our 2012 Figure Sculpture Competition. Join our newsletter for further announcements.

Day 3: Sharp Beak

Day 3: The Ant

Day 3: Wapanga

Day 3: Gopher Baroque

Day 3: Captain Vegetable

Day 3: Maneki Neko

Day 3: Painter of Lemons

Day 3: Too Loose Lautrec

Day 3: The Art Spirit

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Life Painting Competition: DAY 2!

The artists are in fine spirits and don't seem that tired (yet!) Enjoy images below of the works after a second full day of work. For the list of competitors, judges and other details, go to Sunday's blog post.

Remember to drop by daily this week from 1-2pm (only) to watch the progress unfold!
The Awards Party and Final Viewing is this Friday, August 1, 7-9pm. RSVP.

Thanks to Mariana Hernandez-Rivera for photographing the competition!

Day 2: by Captain Vegetable

Day 2: by Gopher Baroque

Day 2: by Maneki Neko

Day 2: Painter of Lemons

Day 2: by Sharp Beak

Day 2: by The Ant

Day 2: by The Art Spirit

Day 2: by Too Loose Lautrec

Day 2: by Wapanga

Monday, July 28, 2014

Still Life Painting Competition: Check Out Works-in-Progress from DAY 1

Welcome to Day 2 of our 6-day, 48 hour live still life painting competition! Each day we will post images of the works photographed at the end of the previous day. The works will not be credited to the artist's real names until Friday after the winners are announced. For now, we'll use each artist's personally chosen Nom de Plume!

See if you can spot three mystery objects in each composition. For a list of the 6 objects the artists could choose from, see yesterday's blog post! The post also lists the competitors and the judges.

Don't forget, you're invited to drop in each day this week from 1-2pm to watch the paintings unfold. The Awards Party & Final Viewing is this Friday evening (8/1) from 7-9pm. RSVP!

Day 1: Captain Vegetable

Day 1: Gopher Baroque

Day 1: Maneki Neko

Day 1: The Ant

Day 1: Sharp Beak

Day 1: Painter of Lemons

Day 1: The Art Spirit

Day 1: The Art Spirit (Color Study)

Day 1: Too Loose Lautrec

Day 1: Wapanga

Sunday, July 27, 2014

GCA's Still Life Painting Competition Kicks Off Today! Awards Party is this Friday, 7-9pm!

Detail from a composition in progress.....
At 8:30am Sunday morning, after gathering for NY bagels and coffee, Judges Jacob Collins and Tony Curanaj sat down with the finalists to go over the rules of this six-day, live competition taking place in GCA's Midtown Studios, July 27 - August 1. The ten painters are competing together, in the same studio, to compose and paint a still life in 48 hours, over six consecutive days. Judges will award a Grand Prize of $10,000, and Second and Third Place Prizes of $3,000 and $2,000, respectively. Rosemary & Co. Brushes has generously offered to donate additional prizes!

The painters were allowed to bring a suitcase of objects from home with which to compose a still life painting. To heighten the challenge, the judges unveiled mystery objects everyone had to include in their composition. Six objects were revealed, and the painters could pick three to use in their composition. SCROLL DOWN for images of the mystery objects!

The artists are:
Caleb Carter, Jeremy Deck, Grace DeVito, Hans Guerin, Justin Hess, Sam Hung, Michael Klein, Noah Layne, Cesar Santos (straight from the Hudson River Fellowship) and Justin Wood.

The judges are:
Jacob Collins
Artist, Founder of the Water Street Atelier, Hudson River Fellowship, Grand Central Academy and the Grand Central Atelier (coming shortly to LIC, QUEENS!!!)

Keith Christiansen
Chairman of the Department of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tony Curanaj
Artist, GCA Instructor, and the inventor of this competition!!

The volunteers are:
A million thanks to the volunteers who helped set up the studio and who will be monitoring all week: Anthony Baus, Kevin Muller, Katie Engberg, Patrick Byrnes, Liz Beard, Mariana Hernandez-Rivera, Audrey Rodriguez and Dale Zinkowski!!

Yellow Onions
Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones
Tinted Bottles
These books have been generously loaned to the GCA by the General Society for Mechanics and Tradesmen Library located on the ground floor of this building. Some are from the 1800's. One call slip shows check outs from 1910!
White, yellow and peacock feathers! Painters could pick one or more feathers.

The following Competition Events are free and open to the public. Come on by!

Daily Lunch-Hour Viewings of the Work-in-Progress
Sunday - Friday, 1-2pm, (July 27 - August 1)

Awards Party and Final Viewing
This Friday, August 1, 7-9pm. Awards to be announced by 8pm. Refreshments will be served.

*Competition events take place at 20 West 44th Street, (5th & 6th Aves), 6th Floor, GCA's Studios

Monday, July 21, 2014

First Week of the 2014 Hudson River Fellowship

The first day we were off to a great start painting at the famous Jackson Falls.  Pictured: Tony Winters, Athena Kim and Allison Parker.
James Edmonds, Katie Liddiard and Bethan Moran at Jackson Falls.
On Monday evening we met with Leslie and Warren Schomaker (of the Jackson Historical Society) and were given a very warm welcome.
Just look at Leslie's view from her porch! We couldn't help but make plans for sunset painting here. As you can see Will was pumped! Pictured left to right: Athena Kim, Charlie Mostow, Leeanna Chipana, Will Jones, Kadin Goldberg, Jessica Artman and Allison Parker.
On Tuesday we enjoyed a presentation on White Mountain art by Andy McLane and Erik Koeppel.
After the presentation Erik took us to the Historical Society's Museum and went over the different mountains we would be painting.
Cesar Santos

Bethann Moran

Brandon Cook

Al Costanza

Bethann Moran

Athena Kim

Tony Winters

Jessica Artman

Charlie Mostow

Allison Parker

Phillip Ackermann

Will Jones

At the end of the week we all headed over to Erik's house for an informal critique of our work.  Turns out we have  quite a few musically talented artists as well.  The night ended with good old fashioned blues music and swing dancing. Pictured left to right: Benjamin Arnold, Lauren Sansaricq, Cesar Santos, Erik Koeppel and Ken Salaz