Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Still Life Painting Competition: DAY 3!

The artists have passed the halfway mark and are diving into the fourth day of this 48 hour, 6-day live painting marathon! SCROLL down for images of yesterday's progress.

REMEMBER you are invited to drop by for daily lunch hour viewings this week 1-2pm! RSVP to the Awards Party and Final Viewing, this Friday, 7-9pm! To read more about this competition, go to Sunday's blog post.

ANNOUNCING a summer 2015 Figure Sculpting Competition! Sculptors will compete to sculpt a live model for 40 hours over five days. Alert your sculptor friends and colleagues! Ten finalists will be selected from online applications due December 12. Judges will award a Grand Prize of $10,000 and Second and Third Prizes of $3,000 and $2,000 respectively.  Click here for photos from our 2012 Figure Sculpture Competition. Join our newsletter for further announcements.

Day 3: Sharp Beak

Day 3: The Ant

Day 3: Wapanga

Day 3: Gopher Baroque

Day 3: Captain Vegetable

Day 3: Maneki Neko

Day 3: Painter of Lemons

Day 3: Too Loose Lautrec

Day 3: The Art Spirit

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Jose Pardo said...

I really appreciate the daily updates on the competition! It's great to see the the differences and similarities in approaches and techniques. Good Luck to all the contestants and the poor judges who have to choose a winner!