Wednesday, August 29, 2012


2 EVENING SESSIONS: SEPTEMBER 5 & 6, 2012; 6—7PM & 7:30—8:30PM

This course is designed to help people discover the visual fascination of architecture, the most accessible of the arts. Although architecture is all around us, most people miss enjoying one of life’s pleasures because they do not know how to “read” buildings. Using many examples of traditional architecture, famous as well as ordinary, the course explores why buildings look the way they do. The course covers the classical language of architecture, construction and design details of traditional American buildings, and the origins of various architectural motifs. Aesthetic principles of traditional architecture are explained by contrasting ‘literate’ with ‘illiterate’ buildings.
The course provides an in-depth but digestible understanding of architectural works both great and small, and will appeal to architects, interior designers, contractors, old-house buffs, remodelers, realtors, and just about anybody who likes to look at buildings.
Prior to the course, please be sure to follow noted historian Calder Loth’s Classical Comments on our blog.
Instructor: Calder Loth, Historian, ICAA Instructor
Location: ICAA, 20 West 44th Street, Room 404, New York, NY
Cost/Continuing Education Hours: $160 ($110 Members); 4 AIA/CES CEHs
Student discounts and tuition assistance is available for qualified registrants. Please call (212) 730-9646 x116 to inquire.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Jackson Historical Society Show - HRF

The HRF came to a close with our show at the Jackson Historical Society last Thursday. There was a large turn out of interested White Mountain residents and collectors, and it was really inspiring to see the accumulated works of the group laid out in the building. 

Checking out the artwork
Here are a few photographs of the work at the show:
Rodrigo Mateo
Sam Hung
Christina Mastrangelo
Abigail Tulis (bottom left), Nathan Sowa
Liz Beard
Zoey Frank
Victoria Herrera
Victoria Herrera
Wei Shi (left), Spencer Brainard 
Rodrigo Mateo
Emilie Lee
Emilie Lee
Sarah Bird
Zoey Frank (top left), Shihwen Wu (three pieces bottom left),
Rebecca Gray (sunsets and falls study)
Wei Shi 
Connor de Jong, Abigail Tulis (bottom right)
Brian Macneil
Devin Cecil-Wishing

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Article by Ted Minoff Published in Artists on Art Magazine

Check out Ted Minoff's new article just published in the online magazine Artists on Art! In his piece Ted writes about his ocean paintings. He describes his painting process and explains why he steers clear of working from photographs.

Artists on Art is a quarterly magazine that features ten articles per issue. The online format allows for high-resolution photographs, step-by-step guides, video and interactivity. Readers may subscribe for the year ($14) or pay by the issue ($3.50)

To read more about Ted's process for painting waves, click here!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gregory Mortenson Demo's the Portrait in American Artist Magazine - Three-part Series

Greg Mortenson is featured in a three-part series in American Artist Magazine demonstrating how to paint a self-portrait. The September issue, which is starting to appear on news stands now, is about how to create a graphic block-in. October's article demonstrates:
  • how to transfer the drawing to canvas
  • how to make the imprimatura underpainting
  • how to create a color study
November's installment will describe the process of finishing the painting.

To Read More, click here to go to Greg's blog!

To Take a Portrait Class with Greg at GCA, check out the following courses:

Portrait Drawing & Sculpting
w/ Greg Mortenson & Mason Sullivan
6-9pm, Tues/Thurs Evenings (16 classes - 8 drawing/8 sculpting)
*Class limited to 10 students.

Portrait Drawing & Painting
Saturdays 9:30am-12:30pm and 1:30-4:30 (4-6 week class)
*Registration is for full day only

Enjoy GCA's newly redesigned website!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hudson River Fellow's Work and Thomas Kegler Glazing Demo

Zoey Frank

Zoey Frank

Connor de Jong
Shihwen Wu

Joseph Loomis

Joseph Loomis

Christina Mastrangelo

Christina Mastrangelo

Christina Mastrangelo Work in Progress

Abigail Tulis

Abigail Tulis

Brian MacNeil

Brian MacNeil

Brian Macneil Work in Progress

Leeanna Chipana Work in Prgoress

Rebecca Gray

Sarah Bird

Thomas Kegler

Thomas Kegler
 Last night, Thomas Kegler gave his workshop students and the fellows a glazing demo. He used a study he completed during his workshop, taping it across the middle to illustrate the difference glazing can make in a painting.
Tom is about to begin the demo - he will be using Oleogel and
several different warm reds, browns, oranges and purples
 to glaze over the entire surface first.

A warm glaze has been brushed over the entire surface.
Some of the glaze has been wiped off of the sky to cool it down a touch. 

Thomas enriches the darks with Van Dyke Brown
and pulls out some of the cooler greens underneath the glaze in the trees
 using a rubber shaper brush.
The finished demo showing the differences
between the field study on the right and
the effect of glazing on top to the left.

The glazing palette