Friday, August 17, 2012

Jackson Historical Society Show - HRF

The HRF came to a close with our show at the Jackson Historical Society last Thursday. There was a large turn out of interested White Mountain residents and collectors, and it was really inspiring to see the accumulated works of the group laid out in the building. 

Checking out the artwork
Here are a few photographs of the work at the show:
Rodrigo Mateo
Sam Hung
Christina Mastrangelo
Abigail Tulis (bottom left), Nathan Sowa
Liz Beard
Zoey Frank
Victoria Herrera
Victoria Herrera
Wei Shi (left), Spencer Brainard 
Rodrigo Mateo
Emilie Lee
Emilie Lee
Sarah Bird
Zoey Frank (top left), Shihwen Wu (three pieces bottom left),
Rebecca Gray (sunsets and falls study)
Wei Shi 
Connor de Jong, Abigail Tulis (bottom right)
Brian Macneil
Devin Cecil-Wishing

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