Monday, July 21, 2014

First Week of the 2014 Hudson River Fellowship

The first day we were off to a great start painting at the famous Jackson Falls.  Pictured: Tony Winters, Athena Kim and Allison Parker.
James Edmonds, Katie Liddiard and Bethan Moran at Jackson Falls.
On Monday evening we met with Leslie and Warren Schomaker (of the Jackson Historical Society) and were given a very warm welcome.
Just look at Leslie's view from her porch! We couldn't help but make plans for sunset painting here. As you can see Will was pumped! Pictured left to right: Athena Kim, Charlie Mostow, Leeanna Chipana, Will Jones, Kadin Goldberg, Jessica Artman and Allison Parker.
On Tuesday we enjoyed a presentation on White Mountain art by Andy McLane and Erik Koeppel.
After the presentation Erik took us to the Historical Society's Museum and went over the different mountains we would be painting.
Cesar Santos

Bethann Moran

Brandon Cook

Al Costanza

Bethann Moran

Athena Kim

Tony Winters

Jessica Artman

Charlie Mostow

Allison Parker

Phillip Ackermann

Will Jones

At the end of the week we all headed over to Erik's house for an informal critique of our work.  Turns out we have  quite a few musically talented artists as well.  The night ended with good old fashioned blues music and swing dancing. Pictured left to right: Benjamin Arnold, Lauren Sansaricq, Cesar Santos, Erik Koeppel and Ken Salaz

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