Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Life Painting Competition: DAY 2!

The artists are in fine spirits and don't seem that tired (yet!) Enjoy images below of the works after a second full day of work. For the list of competitors, judges and other details, go to Sunday's blog post.

Remember to drop by daily this week from 1-2pm (only) to watch the progress unfold!
The Awards Party and Final Viewing is this Friday, August 1, 7-9pm. RSVP.

Thanks to Mariana Hernandez-Rivera for photographing the competition!

Day 2: by Captain Vegetable

Day 2: by Gopher Baroque

Day 2: by Maneki Neko

Day 2: Painter of Lemons

Day 2: by Sharp Beak

Day 2: by The Ant

Day 2: by The Art Spirit

Day 2: by Too Loose Lautrec

Day 2: by Wapanga

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