Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Competition Drawings After 32 Hours!

Today is the fifth and final day of this event! Reports are that all small talk has ceased.

Join us this evening from 7-9pm for the Awards Party! Artist names will be revealed and the three winners will be announced. Drop in to see the eleven final drawings and a small show of paintings
by GCA Summer Residents. The event will be held in GCA's Eleventh Street Arts.

For images from the previous three days and for details about this event, read the earlier posts.

GCA Studio/Eleventh Street Arts
46-06 11th Street
Long Island City, Queens

Scroll down to see images of the drawings at the end of yesterday, the fourth day:

Day 4 by Annyong Bluth

Day 4 by Chuck Dickens

Day 4 by Clementine

Day 4 by Dr. Who

Day 4 by Flighty

Day 4 by Lightning Larry

Day 4 by Mr. Orange

Day 4 by Pakin

Day 4 by Princess Peach

Day 4 The Undertaker

Day 4 by Van Go!!

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