Sunday, July 3, 2016

Competition Drawings! After Eight Hours

The live Figure Drawing Competition is underway!
The event runs July 2 - 6 with daily lunch hour viewings, 1-2pm.

Eleven artists are competing for 40 hours over five days, drawing from the same model. A panel of judges including Jacob Collins, Jordan Sokol and Katie Whipple will announce the winners at an Awards Party on Wednesday evening. The Grand Prize is $10,000. Second Place is awarded $3,000 and Third Place, $2,000.

Past winners include Darren Kingsley in 2010, and Joshua LaRock in 2013.

Drop by GCA on Wednesday night 7 - 9pm! The awards will be announced by 8pm. There will be refreshments and live music!

SCROLL to view the drawings after 8 hours, at the end of the first day. The drawings are identified by a pseudonym chosen by each artist. The real names will be revealed on Wednesday evening.

By Annyong Bluth

By Chuck Dickens

By Clementine 

By Dr. Who

By Flighty

By Lightning Larry

By Mr. Orange

By Pakin

Princess Peach

The Undertaker

Van Go!!

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