Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 Hudson River Fellowship - Week Two

The week started with a Nature Hike to the mouth of the Great Gulf with expert area guide Peter Minich. Peter discussed the geology of the mountains as well as many different species of plants and mushrooms.
Mary Jane Ward painting of rocks and waterfall from the Great Gulf
Ken Salaz wrapped up his workshop here at Echo Lake. Fellows came to watch Ken's demo and stayed to paint alongside him.

Echo Lake by Sarah Bentley.
Echo Lake - Grant Perry
James Tucker
Ted joined us this week to teach his workshop group. Here he demos at Emerald Pool. The fellows tagged along to watch the demo and paint with Ted.
Emerald Pool, Leeanna Chipana
Woodland interior by Katie Liddiard

Glen Ellis falls became a popular spot for the fellows, Brian West
Glen Ellis Falls, Edward Minoff
Some fellows wander off to nearby fields like this one, Evanny Henningsen

Fellows met at Erik and Laurens house for impromptu gatherings throughout the week to discuss art and talk shop.

Tony Winters
Al Costanzo
At the end of the week fellows met at Erik and Laurens house to receive a crit by Ted Minoff and enjoy a burgers and hotdogs. S'mores anyone?

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