Sunday, September 8, 2013

Congratulations Portrait Competition Winners!

Cesar Santos - 1st Place Winner
Joseph Todorovitch - 2nd Place Winner 
Daniel Bilmes - 3rd Place Winner

Judges Colleen Barry and Michael Klein took the full two hours to decide on first, second and third place winners. The portraits were judged as a group and evaluated for form, light effect, variety of color, paint handling and solid facial structure. Cesar Santos won the First Place Prize of $1,000 and Joseph Todorovitch won the Second Place Prize of $500. While there was initially no award for third place, the judges created one. Daniel Bilmes was awarded Third Place and a bottle of wine!

Thank you to all the competitors for sharing your talent and inspiration for twenty-four hours over three days! Colleen Barry and Michael Klein volunteered their time to be our esteemed judges and we are so grateful. Also thank you to our competitions monitors and competition photographer Mariana Hernandez-Rivera!

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Check out the coverage of the competition in The Epoch Times!

Joseph Todorovitch painting his last portrait of the competition.

The tension heightens as David Gray delivers a jaw-buster punch up Cesar Santos' chin

5-minute model break conversations

Cesar Santos working on his portrait

Danny Ferland and Kerry Dunn at work

Left to Right
Joseph Todorovitch (2nd place), Colleen Barry (judge), Michael Klein (judge)
Cesar Santos (1st place), Daniel Bilmes (3rd place)

Max Ginsburg and Joseph Todorovitch

Thank you to all who made it to the awards evening, and we look forward to continuing this competition in future years!

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