Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drawing Sessions from the Milk Crate

In Colleen Barry's structure class last Tuesday, I was stuck without an easel to draw from. The room was packed, from easels to drawing horses. Colleen suggested I set up a little spot to draw in front of the horses, in a position of severe perspective - a situation that would be familiar to quite a few 19th century academic art students, where cramped figure drawing rooms were common.
Tuesday Structure Drawing - Connor de Jong
I walked around the school and found a little milk crate, which I placed on the ground, about a foot away from the model stand. I balanced my drawing board on my feet. A little unorthodox for contemporary times, but it was a good challenge and I ended up finding it enjoyable - with the rest of the students behind me, it felt almost like it was just the model and me.

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