Thursday, October 15, 2009

student work

Jacob Collins giving a figure drawing demonstration

first year students are spending the afternoons honing their block-in skills by copying these plates from the Charles Bargue Drawing Course.

These are some block-ins from the first few days of this month's pose in the figure drawing and painting studios.

Below are some finished pieces from September:

by Angela Cunningham

by Elisabeth Ehmann

by Danny Grant

by Carla Crawford

by Ken Salaz

by Todd Casey

Here are some new plaster casts that have been added to the sculpture studio

Stephanie Young putting the finishing touches on her sculpture from September's morning class

Stephanie Young and Andrea Clinton

by Brandon Beckstrom


Anonymous said...

Great work..but at this point I expect no less from GCA students..

Marcelo said...

Congrats. I know that you all put a lot of time, patience and attention to these exercises. Well, it´s paid off. They´re amazing.

Ariel said...

I'm happy to see a new post with student works and progress. Thanks!!