Thursday, January 21, 2010

Camie Davis in Nashville Arts Magazine

There is a very nice article about Camie Davis in the most recent issue of Nashville Arts Magazine, you can read it online at this link. The article was written by Eric Stengel, founder of Classical Arts Studio, located in Nashville, TN. Mr. Stengel reminds us that one of the greatest proponents of classical training was Andy Warhol, who helped establish the New York Academy of Art, where a disciplined approach to figurative drawing, painting, and sculpture is emphasised.

“If you teach a generation how to paint the way the masters did, you will change the art world.”

-Andy Warhol


B Roy said...

Wow! Camie is holding a tiny pencil.
Is there a reason for that?

GCA Administrator said...

That is a kneaded eraser she's using. It's sharpened to a point so I guess that's why it looks like a pencil in the photo.