Sunday, August 8, 2010

Until next year ...

The Fellows! Eric March, Cathy Lucas, David Baird, Coulter Prehm, Ken Salaz, Thomas Kegler, Palden Hamilton, Steve Dolan, Anna Youngers, Nick Alm, Amelia Meredith, Nicholas Hiltner, Remi Cardenas, Iris Schnitter, Lauren Sansaricq, Erik Koeppell, Emilie Lee, Cesar Santos.

Visiting Olana

We found a book for $2.98 of Lockwood DeForest's oil sketches in the Olana bookstore. What a deal!

tired fellows, but still psyched

A lecture on optics and water by Henricke Holdrege

optics ... or looking for UFOs ...

Heating things up at the notorious Schoharie Creek house!

Wanted: more band members at next years fellowship. Please include examples of your singing/musical ability in your application

Thomas Kegler, Edward Minoff, and Travis Schlaht doing their thing

Painting with Jacob Collins at artist's rock

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