Saturday, October 2, 2010

September 2010

Here is a sampling of what's been going on at GCA during the month of September:

by Angela Cunningham

by Carla Crawford

by Carla Crawford

by Brendan Johnston

by Ken Salaz

by Carla Crawford

by Katie Whipple

by Victoria Herrera

by Student-Who-Wishes-To-Remain-Annonymous. This is what second year students are doing as part of their figure studies. There is a whole class on saturday devoted to this kind of figure study called "Structure Drawing" taught by Colleen Barry & Will St. John.

Devin Cecil-Wishing in sculpture class

Chris Waddell working with Tony on cast sculpture

Liz & Connor

Gregory Harris Studying in the Cast Hall

this is a demo by Jiwoong Cheh for his figure sculpture class. I didn't get any photos of the student work before they packed up for the month, but they were sculpting from a live model and focusing on defining the muscles and learning their origins and insertions. The sculptures were essentially ecorche figures.

Adventures in hue/value/chroma/composition: here's what everyone's still life paintings looked like on Friday- (they're all still in progress)

by Neal Esplin

by Connie Netherton (she's doing a poster study here)

by Victoria Herrera

by Sam Worley

by Emilie Lee


Anonymous said...

Very good works!

Anonymous said...

These look great! As always, I'm blow away by Carla, painting princess extraordinaire :)