Wednesday, December 15, 2010

painting the eye with Scott Waddell

you can follow Scott Waddell's webisode series on his blog Scott's Sketchbook and ask him questions by commenting there. Your comments are welcome here as well!


Anonymous said...


I love this blog and these demonstrations.

I am a *realist* painter as well and though it would seem I am trying to do the same thing it could not be more different. It is amazing to me how your group develops just a small area from a under drawing - it is as though you know exactly how the finished painting will be when you start it - I start with a haze and try to keep the whole surface in equal finish as I go along and sometimes i dont even make it to the edge. I am telling you this because - although it is not a *sure * thing - No surprise for the artist - no surprise for the viewer.

Jesse said...

That was an amazing demo. I haven't had the guts to try window shading. I generally work from the general to the specific, but after watching that I may have to try!

Anonymous said...

Happy year! Thank you for the blog, photographgies and the life of the GCA. Why you don't edit a book with methods to paint as the students to the GCA make?