Friday, March 25, 2011

Lecture: Golden Ratio

Ryan Brooker will be here to give a lecture on the golden ratio. Please join us! March 29, 4:00 PM

In his lecture, Ryan will cover many facets of this often neglected area of the painter’s craft. His lecture will include a brief description of the Golden Ratio’s mathematical properties, with an emphasis on its role in geometry. Ryan will illustrate that arguments regarding the Golden Ratio as more pleasing than any other actually hinder the painter’s ability to use it effectively, and lack legitimate empirical evidence. Using preliminary drawings produced by famous artists that display use of the Golden Ratio as his examples, Ryan will show how these painters have used Golden Ratio grids successfully as well as unsuccessfully. Ryan will then discuss how a firm understanding of the Laws of Gestalt psychology and human perception assist the painter in effectively using grids for composition. Finally, Ryan will illustrate how painters have made use of the Golden Ratio in their working process and show several examples of his own preliminary studies employing the methods discussed.

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