Thursday, April 7, 2011

Workshop Week Report: Perspective

Last week was our annual spring workshop week when we take a break from our regular routine in the cast and figure studios to get a little crazy. This year we split into three groups each focusing on one subject: Anatomy, Perspective, or Value. I was in the mind bending Perspective workshop, taught by Sam Wisneski. In this workshop we covered basic rules of one and two point perspective, with an emphasis on how to take an imaginary idea from thumbnail to compositional sketch using perspective. Here at GCA we spend a lot of time learning to draw, paint, and sculpt the figure, without much concern for the figure's surroundings. This workshop was an excellent way to prepare students for taking that next step - composing a scene that might combine multiple studies. I think I can speak for the whole class when I say that we were freaking out with excitement at what we were learning!

Sam Wisneski teaching the perspective workshop

an example of an imagined scene drawn for the class by Sam Wisneski

basic perspective exercises

more colored lines = more impressive

an imagined scene being worked out on a perspective grid

Huge thanks to Sam Wisneski for all his time and patience!

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