Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fellowship report: pizza, bears, and cops!

We've been having an amazing week up here at the Hudson River Fellowship! Tonight we had a really fun dinner with the workshop students and the fellows, and I forgot to take photos of the work because I was too busy stuffing my face with PIZZA and beer (see below, wow)

We spread out our work and spent some time talking about our different experiences out in the field. It was great to hear other people's triumphs and frustrations, hear advice, and share questions. We also got to swap some good stories. Although yesterday I began the day by knocking my breakfast off a cliff before I had a chance to eat it, Allison takes the cake with this one: She was engrossed in her drawing with her headphones on, when a smell startled her. She turned around to see a big, fresh pile of bear crap right behind her! Apparently a bear had been looking over her shoulder and she didn't even know it.

checking out the week's work

After dinner, Thomas Kegler gave a demo on glazing and showed us what you can do with transparent layers of paint. He demonstrated on a sunset painting and a forest scene.

Because the sun doesn't start setting until 8:30 PM, we had time after the dinner and the demo to paint the sunset! Cesar Santos just arrived today for a short visit and in this photo he is showing everyone a sketchbook with museum copies in it. Cesar was here for the fellowship last year and it's fun to have him join us for a few days.

This year, we have had such a large group of sunset painting enthusiasts that the cops were alerted! I asked the cop for a photo with him but he turned me down, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I mean, look how dangerous all these artists are.

until next time ...

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