Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GCA takes a field trip to CT

Today the entire GCA core program took the day off from our normal schedule to go landscape painting in western Connecticut.  We had perfect weather and we were joined by several alumni and faculty, it was a great way to catch up and paint together.  We don't have photos of any paintings yet, but we will try to post some as soon as they become available.  For now, here are a few pics of the day:
The Grand Central Academy of Art!  

Abigail Tulis

Gregory Mortenson

Andrea Clinton

Katie Whipple

Brendan Johnston, with Edward Minoff, Connor DeJong, and Katie Whipple in the background

Rodrigo Mateo

Liz Beard with Jacob Collins

Lauren Sansaricq and Jacob Collins

Rebecca C. Gray

Sarah Bird

Emilie Lee

Joshua LaRock and Brandon Beckstrom

lost in the woods, 2011


Elizabeth Fama said...

Wow, does almost every student just happen to have their own tripods and mini-easels, or are those GCA-owned?

Emilie said...

All the equipment is owned by the students. Many of us do a lot of landscape painting on our free time, but the lightweight easels are useful for indoor painting set-ups as well. Especially in New York City where space is very limited and cramped!