Friday, June 15, 2012

The results are in . . . . . . !

First Place: Joseph Brickey
Second Place: Kevin Christman
Third Place: Alex Heinke
First Runner Up: Abigail Tulis
Second Runner Up: Chad Fisher

Judges: Mason Sullivan, Sue Chism & Jiwoong Cheh

Thanks also to our terrific model Esteban Arana, and the hard-working, cool-as-cucumbers competition monitors Niki Covington, Anthony Baus and Devin Cecil-Wishing! 

Left to Right: Alex Heinke, Abigail Tulis, Kevin Christman, Chad Fisher & Joseph Brickey
Winning Sculpture by Joseph Brickey
Final Viewing
This competition is made possible by the generous support of the Morris & Alma Schapiro Fund.

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