Saturday, October 6, 2012

Edward Minoff's Sketch Critiques

In the figure room at GCA, the teachers will often draw one to two minute diagram/reference drawings as a demonstration of a certain principle or mechanic of the figure. These little sketches are useful visual reminders during the drawing process, especially once the teacher has finished his critique and the student is left to his/her own devices. By the end of the month a figure drawing can be surrounded by these little pieces of wisdom, gathered over multiple critique sessions. Here are a few that Edward Minoff has drawn on students' pages.

Joints, limbs, hands, bone structure, facial structure!

Wrapping of the features around the column of the head in perspective

Vanderpoel-esque expression of the crunch and stretch of the rib cage to the pelvis
Wrapping of the sternocleidomastoid muscle around the neck - planes of the torso

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