Monday, November 5, 2012

Core Classes Reopen - Post Hurricane Sandy Update

Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath in New York City resulted in the shuttering of the building and school all of last week. Teachers and students were stranded in their apartments, but by Wednesday, a few students who still had access to the studio came in to work on their own projects. The studio had an intimate atmosphere with only eight students in the entire cast hall and still life room. Fortunately, the subway is back in working order, power is mostly restored, and core classes are now back in session today, with regular attendance. We look forward to getting back into the normal routine at GCA this week.

Two day drawing during the storm - by Liz Beard

Quick sketch by Connor de Jong of Liz Beard and Sarah Bird working in the still life room.

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Elizabeth Fama said...

Super storms, broken ribs... Nothing stops GCA students!