Saturday, January 19, 2013

Katie Whipple Portrait Sketch - Sketch Demo and Upcoming Class

Katie Whipple's upcoming Saturday class on portrait sketching is an excellent addition to our Saturday class line up at GCA, beginning in February. Here are some shots of Ms. Whipple's most recent portrait sketch last Monday -

Finished - 4 hours 
The class will run every Saturday, from 9-12 AM, on a bimonthly track. The course description reads; " Each Saturday we will tackle the challenging, yet incredibly fun, task of the quick portrait sketch. Using whichever medium you choose (oil paint, graphite, or charcoal) we will work to gain a comprehensive understanding of the portrait focusing on accurate drawing and sound structure to quickly record a likeness of character. In a three-hour model session, time is the biggest obstacle. We will focus on working quickly, but with intention, determining what information is essential to record an accurate likeness and create a solid head."
To find out more, visit this page.

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