Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Pure Test of Drawing Skills: GCA's Figure Drawing Competition is Underway This Week!

Ten amazing draftsmen are competing this week for 40 hours over five days to draw a figure from life. This live competition, based on the concours of the 19th Century, is taking place now in GCA's South Studio on the 6th Floor at 20 West 44th Street, NY, NY.

DAY 1 drawings are pictured below:
Names will be revealed at the end of the week.

At 6pm this Friday, the competition ends and pencils must stop. Judges will then select the top three winners:

First Place - $10,000 and the title Apelles;
Second Place - $3,000 Second Prize and the title Protogenes;
Third Place - $2,000 (no title exists at this time)

Judging this year are Jacob Collins, Painter and GCA Founder; Travis Schlaht, Painter and Instructor; and Perrin Stein, Curator of Drawings at the Metropolitan Museum.

You Are Invited To Join Us for the Following Free & Public Events

Daily lunch-hour Viewings of Works-in-Progress through June 7, Monday - Friday, 1-2pm

Awards Party! Friday, June 7, 7-9pm  *Winners announced at 8:00pm sharp. Please RSVP.

DAY 1 Drawings after 8 hours...

Day 1 Competitor 1
Day 1 Competitor 2
Day 1 Competitor 3
Day 1 Competitor 4
Day 1 Competitor 5
Day 1 Competitor 6
Day 1 Competitor 7
Day 1 Competitor 8
Day 1 Competitor 9
Day 1 Competitor 10

 Stay tuned to our blog and our Facebook page for continuing daily progress on each drawing!
Read More about the judging criteria and the Story of Apelles and Protogenes...

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