Thursday, November 14, 2013

Love Letter to the Sculpture Studio

The sculpture studio in the GCA has been hopping lately! All core students are required to create several figure sculptures at some point in their scholastic career.

Left to Right - Sam, Mark, Rebecca, Zoe, Connor, Abigail, Liz... and Cheh!
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My experience with figure sculpture has been truly illuminating. Sculpting the forms of the figure is a chance to re-examine figure drawing in a manner where proportional, gestural and anatomical misunderstandings quickly become obvious. Weaknesses and strengths are more apparent, and gaps in knowledge that were previously waved away suddenly take center stage.

In my own humble opinion, after cast drawing, sculpture must be one of the best ways to sharpen the eye and the understanding of space. I look forward to continuing onwards with my classmates as we familiarize ourselves with the sculptural mindset.

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Jose Pardo said...

Very nice work in progress!