Friday, January 24, 2014

Upcoming Salon/Lectures From Strathmore Paper and Rosemary & Co Brushes

We have two upcoming salon events focused on materials, which will both take place the first week of February in the GCA.


On Wednesday, February 5th we will be hosting Symi Jackson of Rosemary & Co, a small English company that manufactures some of the most respected brushes in the business. Ms. Jackson will discuss the various strengths and qualities of brush type, hair type and size, as well as proper brush care. 

Afterwards, Symi will be available for a Q&A session complete with a full display of Rosemary & Co brushes, which will be available for sale. This is a great opportunity to purchase these excellent brushes without the associated overseas shipping costs. All event attendees will also be automatically entered to win $75 worth of Rosemary brushes, redeemable at the event.

The Rosemary & Co presentation will take place from 5:15-6:15 PM in the GCA Cast Hall.
The Q&A session and brush purchase will begin at 6:15 until 7 PM in the GCA Lounge.


On Friday, February 7th, we will host Sarah Becktel from Strathmore Artists Paper. She will present a 90 minute hands-on lecture entitled "The Essentials of Paper". This lecture will focus on understanding the various qualities of paper fiber, weight, texture, grade, surface and permanency and how to choose the proper paper for specific projects and mediums.  Attendees will participate in exercises designed to demonstrate the effects of mark-making materials on a selection of different papers.

The presentation will cover all aspects of fine art drawing papers including:
  • History of Writing Surfaces: parchment to papyrus to paper
  • History of Paper: from China to Europe
  • How Paper is Made: past and present
  • Handmade paper vs. Machine made paper
  • Components of Paper: fiber, watermark, surface texture, sizing, weight, permanence.
  • Environmentally friendly papers and alternative fibers
  • Types of Paper: newsprint, sketching, drawing, bristol, illustration, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, mixed-media
  • Grades of Paper: student, artist, professional
  • Paper Storage
Attendees who RSVP by Jan. 31st will receive FREE:
  • Strathmore papers & literature
  • Selection of drawing materials
  • Watercolor brush
The "Essentials of Paper" presentation will take place from 5:30-7:00 PM in the GCA North Studio

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