Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Workshop: Introduction to Cast Drawing

  The upcoming spring workshop "Introduction to Cast Drawing" (March 28-30), taught by Devin Cecil-Wishing, will be a great opportunity for any interested person to get a grasp on the fundamentals of the GCA method.
  If you are curious about the ideas and methods employed at the school, this will be a quick but rigorous examination of how to make a successful cast drawing. Each day will begin with a short demonstration/lecture which will explore one of the facets of the cast drawing method, after which students will draw their own cast and receive personalized critiques from Mr. Cecil-Wishing.

Devin Cecil-Wishing
Graphite on Paper
  "We will start by covering the basics of how to approach an initial linear drawing, or “block-in”, focusing on the various techniques that we can employ as we strive for accuracy in shape, proportion and gesture.   We will then move straight in to modeling form three dimensionally, as we discuss the fundamentals and nuances of how light works as well as how to depict it on a two dimensional surface.  During this time students will learn to think about their drawings in sculptural terms by utilizing a conceptual model of light fall which will allow for a greater sense of depth in their finished drawings"
Cecil-Wishing critiquing a student's cast drawing
For more information on the workshop and how to sign up - Spring Workshops

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