Monday, June 23, 2014

Evening Light and Color Session with Doug Flynt

We are thrilled to offer an extra opportunity to learn from Doug!
Monday, July 14, 2014 6-9pm
Included in the price of his 6-day workshop 
or $40 for just the session
To sign up-click here.

Color is often mysterious for many artists, leaving them questioning not only their ability to observe colors but also how to consistently mix them. Early on in my work, I had these same concerns and it took me many years to gain a color framework that took all these mysteries away and allowed me to approach my paintings with confidence.

During each of my workshops I offer a session that includes lectures, demos and discussions centered on color. It establishes a common framework for all the participants to make use of during the remainder of the workshop. For the first time, this session is also open to a limited number of outside participants.

Topics covered include:
·      Color terminology.
·      Organizing colors in a color-space model.
·      Understanding fundamentals of how light works and affects our   perceptions of an object’s local color and its shading.
·      Principles behind color mixing.
·      How I go about designing a palette for a painting or a particular subject.

Interested in the full 6-day workshop? There's still room! View all of our workshops.
Read Leeanna's interview with Doug to learn more about him and his process.  

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