Thursday, December 11, 2014

HRF 2015 & Sculpture Competition Deadlines Extended to January 16.

It's been a whirlwind of events here at GCA since the start of Fall. We've done everything from moving to a great new location, constructing a new gallery and artist lounge, and finally having our hugely successful Inaugural Opening Show last Friday.  So in order to give the Fellowship and Sculpture competition their due attention we are moving their deadlines to January 16th. Whew! Check out the images below from last years fellowship.

 Hudson River Fellowship 

Every year the Fellowship kicks off with a welcoming party. 
There are several lectures throughout the fellowship provided by the Jackson Historical Society. 
Fellows visit the Jackson Museum to learn about the area mountains before heading off to paint.
Birch tree portrait by Leeanna Chipana
Fellows paint sunsets together at various locations several times a week.
Pictured left to right: Cesar Santos, Jessica Artman, Eric Koeppel, Charlie Mostow, Bethann Moran, Kadin Goldberg, Leeanna Chipana, Tony Winters.

2014 Fellow Bethann Moran.
2014 Fellow Jennifer Keltos

Artists watch a painting demonstration by Tom Kegler.
End of week critiques take place at Eric and Lauren's house. Eric and Lauren along with visiting artists and Sr. Fellows offer critiques. Past visiting artists include; Jacob Collins, Ted Minoff, Tom Kegler, Ken Salaz,  Rick Piloco and more.
Pictured above: Ken Salaz with workshop artist.

2014 Fellows take a much needed break and dine together at a local brick oven restaurant.

How to Apply to the Fellowship

You'll need to get your artists statement ready and submit 5 - 7 images of your best representational work.  Read more details about the Hudson River Fellowship Application process by clicking here. For the HRF 2015 application form click here.

Workshops with Lauren Sansaricq, Ken Salaz, Erik Koeppel and Tom Kegler will be offered this Summer. Stay tuned, workshop details coming soon. Click here to join our email list.

Sculpture Competition Extended to January 16th. Click here to learn more.

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