Sunday, September 27, 2015

Trekell Art Supplies Lecture this Wednesday!

As we continue learning about great artist materials, please join us this Wednesday, September 30th, at 5:30 pm for a product presentation from Trekell Art Supplies. Trekell will discuss their professional-grade products and answer any questions you may have. Free and open to the public. In our upstairs lounge.

In a quick interview Trekell tells us about what makes their company unique and why it is a great option for artists seeking quality materials.

What sets Trekell apart from other art supply companies? 
First off, thanks for the opportunity. One of the real joys of working in this field is connecting with similar-minded artists and institutions. Grand Central Atelier's mission to deepen the understanding and appreciation of classical form, design, practice, and discipline hits home, mirroring the origin story of Brian Trekell, our founder.
As for what sets us apart, that depends on whom you ask. We've built a devoted customer base by offering professional-grade, USA-made supplies for a fair price, offering any skill or income level a chance to work with the finest tools. Our artists love the close relationships we foster; they know we'll work tirelessly to help the people we believe in to reach their creative heights. But, speaking as an employee, our defining characteristic is that we believe in what we are doing. This is more than a company, more than a bottom line. It comes down to this: Artists should work with the best tools and materials. Those tools and materials shouldn't sit frustratingly out of reach because they cost too much. You already have to make sacrifices, settling for substandard tools shouldn't be one of them. That's the difference and that's what drives Trekell. We want to get you closer to what you love doing.

What is the most exciting product you offer to an academic painting community?
It's hard to narrow our catalog down to one exciting product. That's our strength, really. Trekell offers something for any school and any course. We're also flexible. Wether you're a principal artist or an artist-in-training, you're always just one email away from custom packages. We're big on customer service. A flesh-and-blood human will help you out. In a way, that may be the most exciting thing we offer: an open ear. If you need something, talk to us and we'll see what we can do.
As for GCA in particular, not to keep banging this drum, but artists-in-training would appreciate the quality and archival abilities of our tools, applications, and surfaces. Just because you're fine-tuning your craft doesn't mean you have to suffer through using lower-grade materials.

How will Trekell art supplies benefit my daily studio habits? And what products do I have to have in my studio? 
Who better to answer these last two questions than our artists?
Derek Harrison: "Trekell Art Supplies are extremely high quality brushes, paints, etc. Using them everyday makes all aspects of being a painter that much easier. When you have fantastic tools to rely on it only increase your productivity as an artist and the quality of your own work. My daily studio habits consist of painting, taking breaks, and more painting... So having supplies that are always reliable helps keep a steady rhythm.
Currently I've been a huge fan of the Legion brushes and have a nice stock of those that I use for every piece I do. In addition to those I use all of their brushes, styles, sizes, etc, depending on the task at hand. I also use their linseed oil soap, brush restorer, and paints. These are helpful because being an avid plein air painter, sometimes you have to paint extremely quickly when your light is changing which can be very hard on even the most well-made brushes. Their brush case is also a staple of my supply kit."
Greg "Craola" Simkins: "Trekell has taken the guessing game out of what I need to use to make a successful work of art. They have made tools that allow me not to struggle as I take my idea to the canvas. I use the Golden Taklon brushes, the fluid acrylics, the wood panels, and the linen wrapped wood panels."

Wednesday, September 30th
5:30 pm 
Grand Central Atelier, Upstairs Lounge

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