Monday, February 8, 2016

Kathryn Engberg wins Third Structure Prix

After a break for the holidays, awards for the top drawing(s) in Instructor Colleen Barry's weekly Structure class have resumed! Because of the hiatus as well as the strength of drawings this round, cash prizes for the second place tie were also awarded. 
After each session, all the drawings get posted on one of the studio walls and Colleen judges along with a rotating group of GCA faculty. The next afternoon during a long break, core students from every year are invited to listen as Colleen (and this time she was joined by Instructor Will St. John) announce the winner and then give public critiques on each submitted drawing. Below are critiques Colleen wrote specifically for this blog.
Structure Prix winner, Kathryn Engberg
"This stunning figure drawing displays Katie's understanding of proportion, form, gesture and naturalism. The attention to anatomical detail around the sternum, clavicles and rib cage are superbly handled. The legs successfully carry the weight of the body and display sensitive contours. The portrait has a beautiful expression. Well done all around."

2nd place (tie) by Jon Brogie
"With minimal rendering this drawing successfully displays the fleshy masses of the external oblique, deltoid and quadriceps. The hatch marks are expressive and give just the right amount of information at the halftones. The proportion is accurate to the model and the gesture true to the contrapposto. The portrait is structurally sound and displays an excellent likeness of the model."

2nd place (tie) by Tsultrim Tenzin
"This drawing has successfully captured the models gesture and the feeling of her feet being firmly planted on the ground. There is a solidity to the masses that give this drawing sturdiness and weight. The portrait is sensitively handled and the torso structurally sound. Good proportion."

This is the third time the Structure Prix has been awarded in the spirit of inspiring healthy competition among peers as inspired by weekly cash prizes at the Academy Julien in Paris during the 19th Century. 
Raina Dai won the second prize in November 2015.
Kevin Müller Cisneros won the first prize in October 2015. 

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