Friday, September 30, 2016

Congratulations to GCA Scholarship winners!

by Dale Zinkowski
Fourteen core students won scholarships towards their continuing studies in 2016-2017! Faculty had conducted end of year critiques and awarded the prizes to students for their outstanding work as well as their exemplary commitment to rigorous and disciplined study. Scroll down for a collection of artwork by the winning artists.

We are honored and grateful to the ongoing generosity of the Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund, The Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation and the Anders Larson-Toich Memorial Scholarship in supporting the growth and development of the following artists. 

Block in
Savannah Tate Cuff - $5,000
Rubin Gabeau - $2,500

Cast Drawing
Diana Carino-Buitrago - $5,000
Emily Denise - $2,500

Cast Painting
Mackenzie Swenson - $5,000
Kathryn Kincaid - $2,500
Rachel Li - $2,500

Figure Drawing/Painting
Kevin Muller Cisneros - $5,000
Sandra Sanchez - $2,500
Kelly Foss - $2,500

Rubin Gabeau - $2,500

General Excellence
Arthur Haywood- $2,500
Dale Zinkowski - $2,500
Addison Xu - $2,500
Tsultrim Tenzin - $2,500

A Monthly Figure Structure Prix
One full time core student working in Colleen Barry's 3rd and 4th year Figure Structure class will win a $200 prize at the end of each five-week pose. Colleen Barry and a rotating member of the faculty pick the drawing that most exemplifies the artistic integrity, aesthetics and principles emphasized in the class. This school year’s first winner will be announced shortly after October 10th on social media. Colleen also writes a critique of the winning drawing on our blog.

We also offer scholarships for our Winter and Summer Drawing Boot Camps and our Summer Boot Camp for Teens. Last year's winners will be announced when we launch our next competitions. The Winter Boot Camp Scholarship Competition will open on October 10th. The Summer Boot Camp Competitions will open in the new year.

Support our Artists
GCA is committed to keeping tuition affordable and to maintaining an ideal student to instructor ratio in all our classes from full time to part time to workshops. Consider making a donation to support the exceptional, unique training we are proud to provide. Keep us in mind for upcoming #givingtuesday and year-end email campaigns. To make a gift today, click here.

by Diana Carino-Buitrago
by Savannah Tate Cuff
by Emily Denise
by Kelly Foss
by Rubin Gabeau
by Rubin Gabeau
by Arthur Haywood
by Kathryn Kincaid
by Rachel Li
by Kevin Müller Cisneros
by Sandra Sanchez
by Tsultrim Tenzin
by Addison Xu
by Dale Zinkowski

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