Monday, October 31, 2016

We Caught a Werewolf!

By Jacob Collins 30" x 40" 

Dear Reader,

After reports of eerie howling last Tuesday afternoon heard by students in Katie Whipple's Designing Nature class and also the next night during Colleen Barry and Will St. John's Figure Drawing and Painting class, we are relieved to report that the peril is over. It is safe to sign up for classes.

Thursday night, after the crowd had cleared from the Bach and Beyond concert, Resident Artist Grant Perry, who was locking up the for the night, heard quiet howling that interestingly seemed to be mirroring the third movement of Maurice Ravel's Piano Trio Passacaille performed in the gallery earlier in the evening.

The sounds were coming from the boiler room.

Just as Grant was deciding which cast to grab as a weapon, a werewolf burst from the boiler room stairwell wielding a long white PVC pipe "tree" left from Joy Tomasko's installation piece last May.

Grant, who has many skills, battled and defeated the werewolf landing it with it's last breath on a still life stand perfectly lit. All while his girlfriend was waiting for Uber on the sidewalk.

Thank you Grant!

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