Monday, January 9, 2017

Announcing GCA's Holiday Raffle Winners!

Thank you to all our friends who participated in GCA's 2016 Annual Appeal, entering the Donate to Win! Holiday Raffle! And a special thanks to the Resident Artists who painted the prizes! The artists are Justin Wood, Rodrigo Mateo, Jessica Artman, Grant Perry, Brendan Johnston and Dale Zinkowski (not an RA at this time, but joined in the fun!) Click on their names in the captions below to see more of their work.

Yes, there is a theme to the sketches....

Want to guess? The first person to email us with the correct guess will be comped a raffle ticket right now in next year's holiday raffle....!

Now, onto the six RAFFLE WINNERS....

...Justine Kalb is shuffling the tickets....Ted Minoff is waiting to draw the names....

First name drawn: Libby Whipple!
By Justin Wood

Second name drawn: Lucy Kalian!
By Rodrigo Mateo

Third name drawn: Cynthia Farris!
By Jessica Artman

Fourth name drawn: Ann Lindsay!
By Grant Perry

Fifth name drawn: Fran Schnall!
By Brendan Johnston

Sixth name drawn: Cynthia St. John!
By Dale Zinkowski
Visit Dale's Instagram to find out what this mysterious object is...

Office Raffle Team!
(Left to Right) Justine Kalb, Mariya Marcheva, Ted Minoff & Joy Tomasko
Thanks for design work by Leonor Kerke, photography by Mariana Hernandez-Rivera and
website work by The Firm Graphics

to everyone who participate and donated!

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